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RiderScan Blind Spot Mirror - Front RiderScan Blind Spot Mirror - Suzuki SV650
RiderScan Blind Spot Mirror - Russell RiderScan Blind Spot Mirror - Top
RiderScan Blind Spot Mirror - Front RiderScan Blind Spot Mirror - Bar Mounted

Welcome to RiderScan Southern Africa

Official distributor of RiderScan for Southern Africa

This motorcycle blind spot mirror could save your life.

  • RiderScan offers you a 180° view of all your blind spots and every obstacle or hazard around you
  • It can be fitted to most makes of motorcycles and scooters. See FAQ's
  • It gives you an amazing view of everything in your blind spots and could save your life one day.
    See how RiderScan really works here
  • There are various mounting options available
  • Its convex shape ensures that you won't be dazzled by the sun. See FAQ's
  • It is simple to install and use
  • RiderScan was developed in the UK and is now available in Southern Africa
  • Check out the videos and FAQ's
  • See some local RiderScan reviews here
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"I am extremely happy with my RiderScan. This was the best purchase I made for my C650GT."
Barry Uytenbogaardt - South Africa
"Well I received my RiderScan yesterday. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. It's sellers like you that make doing Internet Business an absolute pleasure! ... It really does eliminate ALL blind spots and eliminates all doubts as to what is next to you."
Donovan Briedenhann - South Africa
" I still do love my Rider Scan and promote it where ever I go and people see it. It has saved my bacon a few times, so it has paid for itself!"
Donovan Briedenhann - South Africa
"RiderScan is a very clever 180 degree mirror that offers motorcycle and scooter riders total blind spot visibility for the first time."
100% Biker magazine
"Such a simple and awesome idea, something I really believe will save a life sometime."
OoxTruExoO - YouTube MotoVlogger
"It's brilliant. I got myself one the other day and I haven't looked back since! Apart from the occasional shoulder check anyway. :-)"

RiderScan is a registered trademark of Hunter Create Limited (UK)
All business dealings and transactions with RiderScan Southern Africa are the responsibility of RiderScan Southern Africa as an independent third party company.