RiderScan South Africa


What is RiderScan?

RiderScan is a blind spot mirror that offers you a 180° view of all your blind spots and every obstacle or hazard around you.
You can see all blind spot areas even when the motorcycle/scooter is banked over.
See how RiderScan works. See some reviews here.

Will RiderScan work on all bikes?

RiderScan can be mounted on most bikes and scooters.
The standard mounts can tilt both upwards and sideways thus fitting almost ANY profile, size and angle screen
For bikes without screens there are optional handlebar mounts.
For bikes with small screens where the mirror may obscure the instruments consider the sports screen mount, handlebar mount, or the alternate standard mount.
RiderScan can also be fitted to adjustable / tilting screens. The mirror angle can be easily adjusted whilst riding if necessary.
See mounting options and mounting instruction videos.

In which riding situations is RiderScan most beneficial?

RiderScan is particularly useful:
  • in city traffic and roads with several lanes and slip roads where another vehicle can enter the blind spot areas otherwise unnoticed and pose a danger to the rider
  • for those wearing neck braces (like the Leatt) or have restricted neck mobility

Will I be dazzled by the sun and night traffic using RiderScan?

No as the curve angle at the top is quite sharp the reflected sun appears very small, there is much more chance you will be dazzled by the glass of your instruments or chrome in your forward line of view.
Being dazzled at night doesn't happen with RiderScan under normal road riding conditions.

How should I use RiderScan?

RiderScan should be used along with your existing side mounted mirrors as they provide visual coverage directly behind you.
Like all wide angle mirrors RiderScan changes your perspective (size & distance) so it should be used as a scanning mirror and shoulder checks should always be used.
The indicator lines on the top of the mirror are very useful in showing you the actual position of the vehicles you see.
After fitting your RiderScan it may take a few days to get used to it. So try not to fixate on it initially. Continue to drive safely as you would normally and then slowly incorporate the RiderScan into your skill set.

How do you fit RiderScan onto a bike?

RiderScan is easy to install. See: mounting instruction videos.

Is RiderScan adjustable?

When fitting the RiderScan you should set the angle so that you are able to see the top of your head in the top of the mirror. This is the optimum angle to give best road visual coverage. RiderScan can also be fitted to adjustable / tilting screens. The mirror angle can be easily adjusted whilst riding if necessary.
When handlebar or headlamp bracket mounted RiderScan can be adjusted up or down, plus side to side and vertical tilt.

What is RiderScan made of?

RiderScan is made from robust thermoplastic with a chromed crisp and very clear reflective face.

Taking care of RiderScan

The build quality of RiderScan is exceptional and it is corrosion resistant and can handle the rain etc. Like most chromed parts on your bike though, it is best to try to keep it clean and dry to minimise long term weather exposure and corrosion.s

How big is RiderScan?

RiderScan is 180mm wide and 60mm deep. It is also extremely lightweight and weighs less than 140 grams.