RiderScan South Africa

Mounting Instructions

Fitting the RiderScan is fairly easy and because of its wide field of view it is fairly forgiving in terms of its actual placement.
  • For a standard screen: try mounting it as high up the screen as possible without it blocking your forward view
  • Placing it higher up will keep it out of the way of your instruments and show less bike in the mirror
  • Placing it higher up will also bring it closer to your peripheral vision and make it easier to keep an eye on it
  • Depending on the mounting option used and the rider position, RiderScan can be fitted so that:
    - the rider can see over their arms (screen mounting), or
    - under their arms as well (handlebar mounting)
  • Loosen the screws slightly so that you can angle the mountings to fit flat on the screen
  • Make sure the screen mountings are positioned 90 degrees to the screen and flat on the screen.
  • It's best to get someone to help you find the right position and to mark it with a whiteboard (non-permanent) marker
  • Try not too over tighten the nuts on the horizontal mounting bar. This will allow for easier vertical adjustments
  • If you have an adjustable wind shield the angle of RiderScan is vertically adjustable by hand whilst riding.
    NB: When positioning the RiderScan take into account the various angles of the wind screen.
Note: After fitting your RiderScan it may take a few days to get used to it. So please be careful not to fixate on it initially. Continue to drive safely as you would normally and then slowly incorporate the RiderScan into your skill set.

Here are some useful videos that show you how to mount your RiderScan for the various mounting options.

Screen mounting - Standard /default mounting

Screen mounting using the RiderScan default mounts is quick and simple. The creator Stephen Hunter shows you how.

RiderScan installation by YouTube MotoVlogger

This is a good example of how quickly and easily RiderScan can be screen mounted. This video was made by OoxTruExoO to show how easily he mounted his RiderScan to his motorcycle screen.

Sports screen mounting a RiderScan inside the screen

The sports mount is intended for bikes with small, low angled screens.
Watch this tutorial video by creator Stephen Hunter on how to mount it.
There is an alternative way of mounting the RiderScan to a sports screen using the default mounts. See the video below.

Sports screen mounting using default mounts

You can also mount a RiderScan to a sports screen using the default mounts so saving the need to buy a sports mount kit.

Bar mounting a RiderScan to a motorcycle

How to handlebar mount a RiderScan to a motorcycle.