RiderScan South Africa

RiderScan Mounting Options

Note: RiderScan is supplied with the Standard Screen mounts included.
The various optional mountings are shown below. For mounting instructions see the mounting instruction videos page.

Handlebar Mounting

The handlebar mounting is an optional extra.

  • 2 bolts
  • 2 connecting rods
  • 2 durable clamps
  • 2 rubber grips
See the handlebar mounting instructions.

Sports Bike Screen Mount

This is an optional mount for sports bikes screens where a default outside or inside screen mount is not suitable.
The sports mount is intended for bikes with small, low angled screens.

The sports bike screen mount is ultra lightweight and mounts to the outside of the screen, it bonds using a world leading 3M adhesive strip.
There is an alternative way of mounting the RiderScan to a sports screen using the default mounts. See the sports mounting instructions.

Replacement Standard Screen Mounts

These will only be needed if you are replacing the standard screen mounts originally supplied with RiderScan.

What it includes:
2x mounts complete with world leading 3M adhesive that provides a super strong bonding to your screen.
See the standard mounting instructions.