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Independent Online News - Motoring - February 2014
"I found that its field of view neatly filled the gaps between my peripheral vision and the conventional mirrors - and cars that previously would have startled me by appearing under my elbows, now showed up in good time for me to take evasive action. "
Dave Abrahams
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Car Magazine - December 2013
"Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous form of transport, making accident prevention extremely important. ..."
"We've fitted one of these mirrors to our long term test bike and will comment on its effectiveness in an upcoming issue."
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Motorcycling SA - November 2013
"We are lucky enough to try out all sorts of gadgets when it comes to motorcycling. The RiderScan is probably for now one of the most innovative that we have come across."
"... it is amazing how more relaxed and more fun it is to ride when you know exactly what is going on around you."
"After using it now for a couple of months I really have come to rely on it. It has got me out of a couple of near crash situations ... With one glance I could see everything that was going on."
"... these Killing Zones will be eliminated with one glance and this could save your life."
MCSA long term test of an Aprilia SRV850 scooter fitted with RiderScan.

SuperBike - November 2013
"We all know that blind spots experienced while driving any vehicle can be the deciding factor between a nice hassle free journey or an incident that may just ruin your day or your life. This mirror will make all the difference in helping you to see those blinds spots more effectively. ... We imagine it would be beneficial to guys wearing neck braces because of the limited movement that comes from wearing one."

Popular Mechanics - October 2013
"When you're aboard a motorcycle, a good view of the surrounding traffic can spell the difference between getting home safely and exploring the inside of an ICU. Meet the RiderScan blind spot mirror, which gives bikers a 180-degree view of what's happening behind them and around them in one glance. ..."
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Bike Talk - October 2013
"Like I said, being in the media has its perks, and from time to time I get to play with or test the latest in awesome goodies on the market.
The RiderScan most certainly fits into this category -- Awesome Goodies! ..."
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Offroad & Adventure SA - September 2013
"Standard motorcycle mirrors do not always offer the rider the best view of what's around them. ... This results in the rider craning forwards and backwards on the bike to scan their mirrors and the need to do frequent shoulder checks."
"RiderScan ... gives the rider ... total blind spot visibility in one glance. ..."

Bike SA - September 2013
"HOW many times have you heard "I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" after an accident? Now motorcyclists can help avoid this with the RiderScan blind spot mirror. ...
"RiderScan is an innovative blind spot mirror for motorcyclists and scooters that could save a life. ..."

Wheels24.co.za - August 2013
"Whether you're a scooter okie – or lass – a commuter on a small bike or one on a bike enduro or tourer it's fair to say this mirror could save your life. ..."
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